• For Secondary School aged young people in school years yr7, yr8, yr9, yr10, yr11, yr12, yr13.

  • No swearing, bullying or teasing (verbal, racial or physical).

  • All sessions (including outside) are alcohol, smoking and drugs free zones, anyone obviously ‘under the influence’ will not be allowed in.

  • Take care of the buildings and facilities.

  • Respect others which includes other members, the volunteers, the EPic staff and the general public nearby.

  • No Snogging, etc…

  • If you break the rules, or behave in inappropriate ways, this will result in you being asked to leave, and you may get a ban (the length of the ban will depend on the offence).

If the young people have any problems, there are always members of EPic staff on hand to help, advise or point them in the right direction. Our staff can be easily recognised by their blue staff lanyards.

If your child leaves early or is asked to leave for bad behaviour they are no longer the responsibility of Eden’s Project. We are not responsible for your young person if they choose to leave the premises of the club.

When you drop your young person off at the start of the club please ensure
that you wait to make sure they can enter as we sometimes reach our limit
and have to turn people away. If your young person is making their own way
to the club please ensure you have made arrangements for them if the club
is full and they can’t get in.